Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentines or Romance isn't always about two peole in love, consider it also a trip into the sensual.
Our Senses: see the food, the colors the perfect ripe mango, bright yellow lemons. The smell. Oh yes all those wonderful smells. Fresh ground coffee beans. The thousands of wonderful tastes the earth has to offer. Honey, sour cream, bread and butter pickles, hot peppers. Touch! Yes touch your food! Eat with your fingers. Tear that bread apart, peel that orange with your fingers and let the juices run down your arms. Listen to your food. Hear the Olive oil being poured, the sizzle of that tender veal cutlet being browned or those onions being sauted . Set a beautiful table with fresh flowers, Herbs or Spices and visit Market Places as often as you can . Now all of this is Sensual.
Image was taken from a book I am reading called New Moroccan style the art of sensual living by Susan Sully

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